Where does the time go?

So I’ve been using this great little journal I received as a birthday present this year as a “dream journal” to write down impressions/whatever from my dreams that seem like they might be good story lines/prompts. Being the weekend I took the time to write out every scrap of info from last night’s dream. When I got done I looked at the clock and realized I’d spent 3 hours just to write out 10 pages in the little 6×8 journal.


I figure that’s somewhere around 2000 words, maybe, which is like crazy slow going. I’ve been on an inspired push before and gotten out around 5000 words in an hour which might be a little on the high side in general, but it seriously seems like I’ve got some major time management issues when it comes to writing. Plus this might be part of where I’m going astray when it comes to actually finishing anything.

Oh well, the real world beckons.

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Muse Found. Still Looking for Direction.

So yeah I’m one of those people with lots of great story ideas, and manages to at least start working through them, but they never get finished. So, this space is intended to be my dump spot of where things go wrong. We’ll see what happens.

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